Best Sex Positions for Virgins

Best Sex Positions for Virgins

When having sex for the first time, you need to find sex positions that you are both comfortable with. You will need time and practice to enjoy quality sex the way experienced cheap escorts do. Nevertheless, you can still have some fun with your partner when starting to explore. Ideally, you should start slow with the right sex positions. Do it faster only after loosening up. Here are some of the best sex positions for virgins.


This is the tamest sex position ever. Almost everybody knows this position. The girl lies on her back with legs spread apart or wrapped around the man on top. The girl can also pull legs closer or even put them on the shoulders of the man. But because you are beginners, stick to what feels comfortable with this position. If you book an experienced companion later, you will realize that there are many variations of this sex position and you can try them out with her.

Girl on Top

Just like the name suggests, the girl goes on top and take charge. Generally, most girls lose virginity via the missionary sex position. However, it’s also a good idea to try the girl on top sex position. This position allows the girl to take control. As such, she decides how fast and hard the man thrusts. Many girls prefer this position because it gets them to orgasm with ease by directing the penis to the most sensitive part of the vagina.

Doggy Style

Most people prefer this sex position when losing their virginity. But, even experienced adults love this position because it allows for a deeper penetration angle. With this position, the woman kneels with hands on the bed while the man penetrates her from behind. If you chose to lose your virginity with this position, go slow to avoid pain.

Reverse Cowgirl

With this sex position, the girl goes on the top but facing the other way. That means you don’t face each other. The man doesn’t look the girl on the face. Instead, he faces her back. However, this sex position has several variations. But, the most important thing is to ensure that you are both comfortable.

Standing Up

This entails standing up against a wall with the man penetrating the girl from behind. Essentially, you don’t need a bed to lose virginity with this sex position. Since the man is behind the woman, she can arch her back and stick out the butt a little to allow him an easier access.

First time sex can feel scary. Nevertheless, try and practice these sex positions and you will eventually be having it like an experienced cheap escort.

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